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How to Move House on a Budget

How to Move House on a Budget

Moving house is one of the most stressful and expensive things you will ever do. Leave aside for a moment the humungous cost of buying a new home in the first place; moving your possessions from the old place to the new can involve unforeseen expenses. Consider your moving day budget carefully.

Moving house on a budget isn’t easy, especially when you’ve accumulated a ton of items in your current home that need to be transported, but there are ways you can save money when you move house that you might never have considered. Read on to find some great money saving tips for moving house.

Improvise with Packing

Buying or hiring storage and removal boxes can be expensive so use whatever you have to hand – old suitcases for example. Approach your local shops and supermarkets for strong boxes too; just make sure they are really strong.

Pack and Move in Stages

Depending on where you live now and how far you are moving it can be cheaper to move in stages. If you would require a professional removal van for more than one day because of the distances involved it will be very expensive. Instead compare self storage deals and rent a self storage unit for a short period and move stuff there gradually, especially the items you don’t need on a regular basis.

Using Professional Removal Firms

Moving house can be a bit of an upheaval for most of us. Packing up all our possessions, trying to remember which box contains which stuff, putting the pets in kennels, there is so much to think about. It is not surprising therefore that many of us prefer to turn the whole stressful caboodle over to the professionals. The problem is that professionals tend to charge quite a lot of money and you should always compare quotes to get the best price. If you have maxed out the bank account buying the house and paying all the associated fees there may not be enough left in the pot to pay for a removals firm. Think about other ways then to move house on a budget.

Throw a Moving Day Party!

Not literally of course, the last thing you need is a hoard of drunken revellers getting in the way when you’re in the process of moving house. But if you can get together a group of willing helpers, preferably those with cars or vans, the whole thing can be done fairly cheaply.

As with most things though, the key here is organisation. You need to have a plan. Divide your helpers into groups. One group will be responsible for helping with the packing and moving boxes into a position which is convenient for moving on the day. Another group can help with the actual transport of your stuff. Another group could be at the new house ready to unload boxes and take them to the appropriate rooms ready for unpacking. Those with the smallest vehicles should be in charge of all your smallest boxes while any helper who (hopefully) is the owner of a large vehicle can take heavier boxes.

The best thing about enlisting family and friends to help out on moving day is the fact that they rarely ask to be paid! But of course, you should keep them copiously fed and watered with an adequate supply of food and drink.

Man with a Van

Hiring a ‘man with a van’ can work out cheaper and easier, especially for larger items and furniture.

Move on a Weekend

This makes sense when you consider that taking time off work in midweek could cost you lost wages or lost holiday days. It will be easier too for friends and family to help and for the same reasons.

Remember – allow enough time, get organised and stay calm.

3 Unpacking Tips to Get Your New House Organized Fast


Move to new house is a very interesting experience. From packing all your stuff, choosing the best movers in Gilbert Arizona, and then saying goodbye for good to your old house, all of them is nice memories you should cherish. Unfortunately, after that comes the unpacking time. For some people, unpacking can be a more daunting challenge compared to other process. You have to think where to put everything, and you need to do it fast since you want to enjoy your new house as soon as possible. But don’t worry. With these 3 useful tips, unpacking will be fun and won’t give you severe headache.

Pack Right and Make Plan

If you want to have easy unpacking experience, you must pack right in the very first place. Give label to every box and plan which one must be opened first and which can wait. Load the essentials last to the truck so you can unload it first when you arrive at the new house.

Tackle the Most Important Thing in Every Room

Don’t try to organize one room perfectly in one go. It will take too much time. Instead, unpack the only the most important thing in every room. In the kitchen, you only need to unpack the essential dining wares first. In the bedroom, just make sure your bed is ready and you have some clothes unpack. After you unpack all the necessities, you can move more freely to unpack other things. It is best to unpack the big boxes first so you will have more room to move.  

Arrange the Furniture before Unpacking

Before you open all the boxes, make sure you have arranged the furniture. This way, you can put everything in their places right away. Your house will be organized faster and you can start throwing away all the things that clutter your house. Yes, it is very challenging, but you don’t have to do it alone. You can ask for the unpacking service from your movers so that the job can be done faster. Experienced movers will know how to help you and they will also keep your furniture and belongings safe.

Efficient and Effective City Movers

Residential moving is one of the most important things you are getting for your life. When you are dealing with the residential moving it is important for you to make your things in your house to be perfectly organized. The first thing you have to consider when you are getting the moving is about how you can trust the mover company. Therefore, you have to choose the one which is good and experienced. It is also important for you to get the miami movers which are licensed. By getting the licensed movers you will get so many advantages of it and you will never regret of having the service.


The first kind of the advantages of having movers companies for your house moving is about its fast work. You might get it to take too long for you to pack the things you are about to bring for your new house. Especially when you are a busy person with so many appointments you will get it to be tricky in getting the spare time to pack your goods. But, you will get it to be easier for you in hiring the mover company which will help you to pack, unpack, assembly the furniture and things you want to bring to your new house. With fast and efficient way of working your house will be ready to be moved just in one day.

Then, you will also find the easiness and security when you are dealing with the licensed los angeles movers. The insurance is one of the most important things you have to consider when you are having the moving process with the licensed company. You will get it to be easier for you claim for insurance when you have your furniture damaged in the moving process. Getting the moving process to be safe is also important because you will get it to be important for your new life.