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Beyond Countertops: Unique Uses for Granite


Granite is an incredibly popular material for countertops in the kitchen and bathroom, however, this attractive and affordable substance has a host of other unique uses.

Options for using granite aren’t limited to solely countertops. This adaptable material also works well as a backsplash panel behind a sink or stove – protecting against splashes. It makes a great surrounding edge for a shower and can even be used to enhance the look of a wall or fireplace.

Naturally occurring granite is a durable substance that is very resistant to high temperatures and difficult to damage through regular wear and tear. These are just two of the reasons why granite countertops have become increasingly popular for use in kitchens and bathrooms. Granite also doesn’t take in liquids, meaning that any spills are easy to clean up with some soap and water.

While the benefits of using granite for countertops have long been established, consider using the material in other more prominent ways to give a room a more adventurous appearance.

The price of granite may be slightly more expensive than other materials that are used in designing finishes for rooms, such as quartz. Another important consideration is that the larger the project, the higher the cost. So, using granite to cover an entire wall for a fireplace will be significantly more expensive than using it for a countertop. However, the many perks of granite’s strength and its stunning visual impact far outweigh the costs.

For example, granite could be used to provide a beautiful desktop in a home office. Because granite is available in a wide variety of colors and styles, including flecks of different colors, a lighter granite desktop could be designed to contrast with darker floors and walls used in the office.

Other options on a much larger scale include using granite for major fixtures, including for a shower surround. For this approach, consider using vibrant blends of brown, gold, yellow or other hues for a dramatic visual that catches the eye and makes a bathroom truly stand out as unique.

Similarly, granite could be a great choice to dominate the wall of a fireplace. By housing the fireplace inside a granite wall, it creates a stunning centerpiece for a living room. This approach works well by showing off the unique patterns and mixed colors of granite.

In addition to these captivating choices for granite displays in your home, it can also be put to use in the kitchen to create a one-of-a-kind look beyond just for countertops. Backsplashes in the kitchen can provide a beautiful image, pairing subtle countertop and wall colors with more dramatic large granite features with hues including white, gray, rust, brown, yellow, and more.

Granite has long proved its versatility for use in the perfect countertops in kitchens and bathrooms, and all the reasons above help underscore why it’s also a great option to consider when looking to make a more dramatic visual statement a number of rooms.

How To Design A Modern Kitchen

modern kitchen design

To maintain its visual appeal of your kitchen, just like any other place in your house, your kitchen needs some remodel sometimes. Giving your kitchen a new breeze, you can choose any style that you think attracting you like traditional, rustic, modern, and some other more. Nevertheless, these some ideas to consider when you think about remodeling your kitchen with modern flavor in it. Let it alone, there are many ways to count when you look for ways to have modern kitchen design, and if something too sophisticated is not your liking, how about combining your modern kitchen with traditional addition?

For some people, something too sophisticated brings coldness and a bit stiff. They expect something more comfortable and warm. By combining the element of your kitchen with the mixture of traditional and modern, like adding traditional cabinetry to combine it with some sleek and modern features to complete your kitchen design. Speak for kitchen element, then you need color. When it comes to design a modern kitchen, if it is not white, then you add black to accentuate the  modern feel into your kitchen. Or else you can apply some color mixture with black and white or some addition of another color.

However, if you don’t really happy with black and white ideas for your modern kitchen, you can  pick red or some other bold colors of you favor. In order to make that bold colors sync with a modern theme that you build in your kitchen, it is recommended to add metallic appliance, but no such a thing like stainless, chrome, or silver. Instead you need kind of metallic appliance with warm color such as bronze, gold and copper. It is true, you a bit out of a track, but you will amaze yourself with the design outcome when you mix both warm metallic colors and bold color.

After color to splash into your modern kitchen, then you need to consider its texture as well for better visual interest. As you combine modern and traditional for the kitchen, bring natural element like granite counter top or something with engineered stone. You choose which one that you think suitable for you. Another important part about your kitchen is its cabinetry. A typical modern cabinet for a modern kitchen is something with simple and minimal look. But you can consider such a thing like wall-hung cabinet.

Indeed, this is not the only option for modern kitchen, however if you expect some warm to your kitchen, a wall-hung cabinetry is a good option. You can pick the one with open shelves that also look good if you have a small size kitchen. Adding glass designs for kitchen cabinetry or another option like traditional shaker wood, you know this also a good idea to keep in mind. Lastly is about the upper part of your kitchen, this is not about the roof or lighting solution, but ceiling. Many homeowners consider this unnecessary. But the truth, paying attention to your kitchen ceiling can make your kitchen more inviting. You can add window, decorative ceiling or some to bring both traditional and modern feel into your kitchen.

Ideas to design your kitchen island in a better way

Kitchen is an important part of any house. So, whether you are buying a new house or renovating an old one, you should give due importance to your kitchen. You should also ensure that you keep it clean and maintain the required hygiene as it is where you cook your food, serve it to others and eat it. So, cleanliness is quite important. Apart from this, kitchen is a place where you would love to spend some me time. Moreover, this is a place where you can spend some time with your friends and near and dear ones. Thus, ensure that this place looks grand and elegant. Given this situation, you can install a kitchen island in your kitchen to add that style, glamor, storage as well as efficiency to this important space in your house.

The design for kitchen island is very important to add that glam factor to your house. Unless the design for kitchen island goes with the whole house, it will be difficult for you to make your house look good. The most important thing while designing the kitchen island are the countertops. Unless your counterspace is according to your wishes, you will not enjoy chopping vegetables or storing hot food food there. You might not enjoy having dinner or lunch over there. Thus, as the countertop is of so much importance, it is extremely important that you install a quality countertop in your kitchen. This will help in taking all the battering while maintaining the good looks.

Ideas to design your kitchen island in a better way

(taken from the Caesarstone Canada official website)

The color pattern is also important when you are looking forward to a design for kitchen island. Smaller kitchens can look cramped, cluttered and full. In that case, you want your small kitchen to look good, you should use light colors on the countertops as well as the surrounding cabinets. As far as the island is concerned, you can accentuate it with a splash of colour. This will help you make the room more open and light. Moreover, you will also have to agree to the fact that this is a good idea for large kitchens. You can even opt for the kitchen island in complete different shape, color or design when compared to the rest of kitchen countertops and cabinets.

As you think of design for kitchen island, you should also give importance to multiple tiered tops. With them in your kitchen, you will be able to divide the space in a better way for particular purposes. Moreover, if there is a raised counter space on a kitchen, then you will also be able to keep dishes and other utensils safely. Other sections will serve various other functions like cleaning, cutting or help you storing various appliances like stovetops as well as built-in grills. If you have multi-tiered kitchen island differentiated with various colours, then it will further more accentuate a small kitchen space.

Another thing that can add to the design for kitchen island is to add antique cabinetry to the kitchen space. This will set apart your kitchen island from the rest of the kitchen and create a different old looking kitchen! This will add glam factor to your kitchen.

Beautiful Kitchen Design for Houses


 Beautiful Kitchen Design for Houses

Your house is just like your paradise. It is important for you to get all the best things there. When you are dealing with the design for your house, you can choose something which will be suitable and also beautiful. There are so many things you can do if you are looking for the most beautiful kitchen design for your house. House with kitchen will be the paradise for you and your family. Therefore, giving the best kitchen design for your house will be good and also will even improve the quality of your house to be the comfortable lace for living.

When you are looking for the best kitchen design, you are recommended to follow the trend which will give you best kitchen look in your house. There are plenty designs which are available for you. By getting the design which is suitable for your house, you will make it to be more comfortable and suitable with your design. You can choose the traditional design for your kitchen which will also make your kitchen to be decorated in hand paint. By getting the hand painted kitchen you will make it to be looked more personalized and also will be looked classic.

Besides, the modern design of kitchen will also be available for you. Choosing the best modern kitchen design will add the beauty and also the various choices of the design. In this case, you can choose the design which is suitable with your style. Choosing the modern kitchen or the traditional one is actually depended on your style. But, you have to be sure that the style will be comfortable for you. Besides, considering having the best kitchen decorator will also important in making your kitchen to be comfortable and also be your paradise. For example, you can also get Ballerina Kitchens for your house.

You can choose so many brands available for you. The German Kitchen Company Essex is one of the most popular and experienced companies which will give you various choices of the kitchen from the beautifully classic traditional kitchen with hand painted design to the modern, glossy and made from the flawless stainless steel. There is no doubt that you can get your kitchen to be more beautiful. With the best product offered for you, you will make it to be more than just a kitchen for your house but also a corner of paradise for you in cooking.

If you want to get the best things for your kitchen which will be personalized and also beautiful you can make the kitchen to be made in custom design. You can get the design, determining the style and will also get the colors and any other things related to your kitchen to be considered. As you can make your kitchen by your own style, you will be recommended to make your kitchen to be more beautiful with the size, style and the things which will make your kitchen to be suitable in the room. Some of the kitchen styles will even make your house to be looked more attractive.