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Five fun facts about Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs are decorative pieces which are used daily in our homes. After making a significant investment in it, we often neglect to invest as much in its maintenance. The truth is our rugs need to be cleaned thoroughly at least once a year to get rid of the dirt, grime, fungi, bacteria, hair, bugs and mold. Though the cleaning might not match up to the way professionals do it, we can clean the oriental rug cleaning at home. Here are some tips about how the rug cleaning process can be done at home.

Five fun facts about Oriental Rug Cleaning
The first stage of cleaning an Oriental rug involves removing the dry dust and dirt particles that has settled down at the base of the rug. The right way to dust a rug is to choose a good carpet cleaning power, sprinkle it generously on the carpet and then leave it for half an hour. Leaving it overnight will be even more effective. Simply vacuum off the powder afterwards as it will have softened the stains and the odor is reduced as well. Never use a blower to dust a carpet as it will only serve to blow the dust all around the room.

Oriental rugs kept in traffic areas of the house collect dust, dirt, mites and bugs easily hence do not wait till the rug starts to appear dirty. Again vacuuming an expensive rug is not easy as the fibers of the rug are delicate. If the vacuum is too powerful you will soon see the fur part of the rug disappearing into the vacuum bag. Use gentle suction and clean both sides of the rug.

The cleaning fluid
Stains are a major area of concern as they are hard to remove. Wool rug cleaners, wool on its own is stain resistant but cotton absorbs stain fast. Mild shampoos and eco friendly products like baking soda and vinegar from the kitchen can be used to clean small stains on the rug. However for major stains it is always better to consult a professional carpet cleaning company instead.

Watering it down
This is one of the most difficult steps in the cleaning process is watering down the rug which is very tricky especially if you live in an apartment. If you have a garden or backyard, then you can lay the rug on the fence or on the drive way and hose the rug with water. Please remember that the Oriental rug is made of wool, silk and cotton, therefore make sure that the water pressure is not too much and that the water is just flowing over it like a stream. In olden days, the rugs from castles were laid on the bed of a nearby stream. The gentle force of water flowing above the rug used to clean away the dust and grime without harming the make or the colors. These rugs were then left to dry.

Rug Grooming
Grooming a rug is just as important as cleaning it. Every dry rug has a fringe that needs to be groomed after cleaning. Take a brush with dense bristles to fluff the fur and straighten the fringe ends gently. The cleaning personnel in royal palaces still have special brushes and combs to groom fringes and fur of dried Oriental rugs.

You Can Rely On A Restoration Company When Disaster Strikes

The transition from winter to spring brings about a welcome change for many Torontonians. Longer days and higher temperatures are an excuse to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. For the unlucky few, however, it can signal disaster. As the mountains of snow melt and the beginning of April showers rain down, springtime is an incredibly wet season. Many properties become sodden with water until backyards look like mini lakes. With nowhere to drain, excess water can easily burst through cracks in foundations, broken pipes, and clogged gutters to flood basements.


As the risk of flooding rises this month, you might find two (or more) feet of water in the basement of your High Park home. In the panic of the moment, the discovery and removal of the water can be an adrenaline-fuelled experience that seems to fly by. Before you know it, the flood water has been removed and you’re watching repair technicians mending whatever structural damage allowed the deluge into your home. Once these repairs have been done, you’re left with a damaged basement.

This can be devastating if you have a finished basement, as water can create irreparable damage to carpets, furniture, upholstery, and expensive appliances like televisions, laundry machines, and furnaces. Regardless of how finished the basement is flood waters cause structural damage to walls, flooring, wiring, and even ceilings depending on how high they reached. As an average home owner, there is no way you have the time, know-how, or equipment to properly repair your basement.

Many homeowners in your situation turn to a restoration company to help them rebuild their damaged basement. They can do no better than contacting The Master People, as they’re the leading restoration company in the city. Their restoration technicians are skilled in the art of flood clean-up and are trained to address every detail as they restore your home. As the premier water damage services in Toronto, their services include a thorough assessment during which a team will evaluate the extent of the damage in order to create an effective cleanup plan. A significant part of their assessment will include testing for mould, as mould and mildew is dangerousto the health of those living in the home.

Once they have determined an appropriate course of action, trained technicians will utilize the appropriate restoration management software to keep track of data, information, and will carry out a quick and effective restoration of your basement. They will treat any mould growing in your walls or carpets, being sure to remove any mildew to stop its growth in the future. Their technicians are trained to remove any unsalvageable furniture from your home, and they have the equipment in order to recover those items that can be saved. In no time at all, an experienced restoration company can have your basement repaired and looking as if the flood never happened.

If disaster strikes this spring and you find your basement flood, call an experienced restoration company to help you get back to normal.