Why Do Air Conditioners Sometimes Leak Water?

Air conditioners normally remove room moisture and make us feel comfortable. Obviously, during this process there will be much water that is created. The quantity will be connected with air humidity, operating efficiency of the air con vent, air conditioner size and whether or not the system is properly installed.

The water that will be removed will normally fall down through a cooling coil, then moving to the base. After that water will be in part used to cool a heating coil but most will go to the rear of the unit. We then have water going to the ground through a base. This is what happens when the system works properly. When problems exist, water will appear in other locations, normally because of the following errors.

An Improper Installation

Air conditioners normally have to be a little lower at the rear part than at the front part. Water can thus be easily removed from where it ends up and go out of the machine. A one inch difference is normally more than enough. Repairmen will always check this first when they look at why water appears around the AC unit. If improper installation appears it is common that water ends up inside the room instead of going to the outside.


When water is de-humidified, it can easily transform into ice. This happens when the cooling system does not work properly. Unfortunately, the reasons behind this can be quite numerous. While the machine operates you will want to remove the front grille. When you see that ice is present around cooling coils, professional help is necessary. Generally speaking, when icing appears service is needed.

Air Leakage Appears Around The AC Unit

When warmer air enters the unit it will meet air that is dry and cool. Condensation can happen in this case. You want to look at the machine’s body when water comes in from the front of the unit or if there are droplets that are clinging to the front area. You will want to operate the system for half an hour and then check base edge with the flashlight. Air leakage problems lead to small water droplets being present in the area.

A Blocked Drain Hole

This happens so much more common than what many think. There is a drain hole that is present at the back of the AC unit. It is needed to let water escape. When it is blocked, water backs up. Fortunately, the problem is quite simple to solve. All that you really have to do is remove the blockage. However, never drill a hole in the AC unit to get rid of the water. This happens quite often and it can lead to really severe damage.


These are just some of the situations in which water leaks can appear with AC units. Many others can appear. While you can find information online about how you can solve some of the common problems, in most situations you will want to focus on getting the repairman check out the entire unit.