Healthy House: Why Keep the Air Ducts have no Blockage and Clean is Important for Your House?

When winter comes, you and your family tend to spend more time indoors and seal out the cold weather with closed doors and windows. Providing good quality of air for every member of the family is crucial to prevent stuff feels. You will need an effective and efficient heating and cooling system to provide good quality of air. The HVAC system in the house should have a good distribution network of warm or cool air to the inside of the house. For this case, the conditioned air is delivered to the house through ductwork which is a large metal pipe.

A clean, unobstructed, and well-sealed ductwork is beneficial to provide good quality of air. However, fail to keep the ductwork clean will make the heat pump, air conditioner, and furnace unable to keep your house comfortable. Even worse, dirty ductwork can also cause health issues for the family member. For a number of reasons, regular ductwork cleaning is required to prevent any possible health issues as well as provide good quality of air.

What is in the ducts?

Ductwork is a piping system to distribute the air as an extension of the HVAC units to the entire house. The large pipes usually are shaped in a square and made of thin galvanized steel. It is usually attached to the room in the ceiling or beneath the floor. The ductwork is an essential part to distribute the conditioned air. Any problem occurs in the ductwork may affect the indoor air quality, indoor comfort, and also the HVAC system. Ductwork with a poor seal can cause considerable energy and air loss. Furthermore, buildup and blockages of foreign matter can also reduce the airflow.

The ductwork may also contain contaminants which can possibly affect the family health. So, what kind of things that usually found in the ductwork? Most of the time dirt such as dust, fibers, hair, lint, and such thing accumulate in the ductwork system. This dirt is trapped in the ductwork and if the dirt amount is high; it reduces the airflow. Pollen always finds its way to enter the ductwork. This thing can cause allergies if transferred to the entire house. Since ductwork has quite high moisture, mold can grow inside the pipes. Mold is a harmful thing that can be a serious threat to the respiratory health. If you have a pet, dander, pet fur, and waste can also get its way to the ductwork. Other things such as fumes, gasses, and insect nest can also be the potential danger to the family through the ductwork.

Why should regularly clean the ducts?

Health issues – dirty ductwork means that your house is supplied with bad quality of air. Well, you certainly do not need to wait for one of the family members to caught a severe cold or allergies to get the ductwork cleaned. The main concern of why the ductwork should be cleaned regularly is the health concern. There are numbers of diseases that can be triggered because of dirty ductwork such as allergies, cold, and much more. Mold, fumes, dust, pet fur, and other small things accumulation in the ductwork can cause a serious health problem. Providing good quality of air for the family is crucial, therefore, regular ductwork inspection can prevent the occurrence of certain diseases.

Proper airflow – accumulation of dirt, dust, pests, hair, and another buildup can reduce the air flow efficiency. To provide sufficient amount of air for the house, it is also required to provide enough space in the ductwork. Dirt, dust, and other small things can take up the spaces available in the ductwork which reduces the airflow. This certainly reduces the efficiency of the ductwork as well as cause your house feels stuffy.

When should get the air ducts cleaned?

There are numbers of duct cleaning service that you can use. The duct cleaning Phoenix can help you with the annual duct cleaning. It is best to have regular duct checking rather than wait for a family member to catch cold. However, you can call the professional duct cleaning if you there are visible mold growing inside the ductwork or it has been contaminated by small animals, insects, and vermin. Also, if the ductwork is completely or partially blocked by debris or dirt that restrict the system airflow; then, it is the time to call for a professional duct cleaning service.