What are the basic parts of an espresso machines?

What are the basic parts of an espresso machines

I frequent asked question is what are the basic parts of an espresso machine. Today I am writing a proper description about the basic part of an espresso machine.

An espresso machine consists of different parts. Here each and every parts of the best espresso machine have some specific task to make a great coffee. Ridiculously, it is hard to explain the each parts of an espresso machine because different brands use different parts in producing espresso machine. Now let’s talk about the common parts of espresso machine:

There is a receiver which is called group head, this part is only for the removable portafilter. If the espresso machine is used for household purpose here this group head may only one but for commercial purpose this group head may be one to seven. There are many holes in the group head that create pressure to the hot water for extracting a perfect shot of espresso.

A lever is required for Manual espresso machine. Sami automated espresso need some manual works that is start and stops of switch and proper timing for extraction process. But automated espresso machine can do everything automatically.

Steam Wand is used to mix milk with the coffee and a steam tip is located at the end of the steam wand.

In automatic and super automatic espresso machines have Group Dosing Keypad, it shows dispense times, quantities, programming and continuous flow.

In espresso machine 1-0-2 is called power switch position; here position 2 is the higher or full operation.

Espresso Grinders, Water purifier, Bean Hopper, Sight Glass and some others parts also consists with an espresso machine.

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