Universal Programmable Thermostats for Boats & Yachts


Sea people and boat owners know that the standard mechanical thermostats supplied with most boat refrigerators work fine for a very short time or 2 years at the most. Moreover, the likelihood that this type of mechanical thermostat will fail when you are at sea and your freezer or refrigerator is full of perishables is pretty high merely by probability!

We all know that when we are out at sea we want things to work smoothly without any surprises and unforeseen issues. One thing high on the list is a refrigerator in the best condition, because when it stops working you know all your food and produce will go to waste. One key to efficiency in any refrigeration system is a strong and accurate thermostat!

Mechanical thermostats are well known for their simplicity, but a digital thermostats outperforms mechanical thermostat when it comes to maximizing performance and reliability which is absolutely basic when you’re out there on your yacht.

When shopping around for a programmable thermostat for boats and yachts, the AKO digital thermostat is the name to remember! It is a professional European made thermostat made for any refrigeration and freezer system with no limit of equipment size. This digital thermostat is universally suitable for all boat refrigeration systems. Whether it’s a large fishermen boats freezer for storing catch or keeping frozen bait fresh, a built in icebox typical of most weekend boaters, or any larger boats refrigerators system for extended cruising range.

Installation is straightforward.

Remove the existing thermostat, and unplug the wires from the old thermostat to the compressor/condenser unit.

Mount the digital thermostat outside of the cooled space where the temperature display can be easily seen.

Mount the temperature sensor in free air space near the evaporator, but not touching the evaporator wall as was the old sensing tubing. It is very important to route the sensing wire where it will not be easily damaged. Keep it clear of main power wiring.

Precise desired operating temperatures can be obtained, and there are several other parameters that can be adjusted.

AKO thermostats can be configured to display degrees in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Power availability varies depending on your boat type. The most common options are 12V/24V, 120V 230V.

For programing and setting the temperature read the directions carefully. It may seem difficult at first read, but it`s really a very user friendly digital thermostat in comparison to other programmable thermostats for boats.

AKO Universal Digital Thermoset Review

I’m a Refrigerator Repair Technician and have been doing many refrigeration and freezers thermostat replacements. I have a very positive experience with the AKO digital controller. The AKO Universal Digital Thermostat is by far one of the best digital thermostats I came across in recent years. It’s made in Europe so very professional and reliable…Much more then ones made in China. And is also easy to program! I now buy this thermostats for special wholesale price for technicians directly from the distributor in the US.