Tips on Buying a New Mattress

Tips on Buying a New Mattress

On realizing that one spends almost one third of its life in bed, it becomes significantly important to ensure buying the correct mattress. A mattress that most suits your friend may not necessarily be most appropriate for you as the body type and size of each person is different.

The mattress that proves most beneficial for you depends on the constitution of your body and the way you sleep. You get a large variety of mattresses to choose from. Here, we’ll talk about some of the more popular types, allowing you to choose one that proves best for you.

Spring Mattress: Since such a mattress contains metallic springs, it retains its shape for a long time. The central part of such a mattress supports your spine.

Air Mattress: In this case, the springs are replaced by air chambers. The benefit is that you can adjust the pressure of air to suit your comfort level. It also helps eliminating bed sores.

Foam Mattresses: These mattresses contain foam to support the body of the sleeper. It may be made of latex or memory foam.

While air mattresses offer more adjustability, the foam variety is longer lasting. In fact, spring mattresses are fast getting replaced by air and foam mattresses.

The style that you adopt for sleeping also needs consideration for choosing the best mattress for you.

Stomach Sleepers

If you fall in this category of sleepers, you should preferably buy a firm mattress. It not only helps you sleep better but also assists proves of digestion.

Side Sleepers

Soft mattresses are recommended for such sleepers as they support muscles and prevent their depression.

Back Sleepers

Ideally, back sleepers should patronize medium mattresses. These mattresses are most appropriate for support to your spinal cord and the curve of your back. Yet, many who sleep on their back prefer using a firm mattress. Basically, it all depends on your style of sleeping. If you feel that your sleep is disturbed by all these three kinds of mattresses, your best bet should be a medium mattress.

Types of upholstery used in mattresses

Ensure that the mattress you choose comprises of the following three layers:

Insulator: It insulates the central part of the mattress. Usually made of mesh or fiber, it assists keeping the central upholstery in place.

The Middle Upholstery

The most frequently used materials for making this layer include usual foam, visco-elastic foam, polyester fibers felt, foam, and cotton fibers, non-woven fiber pads and convoluted foam. The purpose of all these is to provide comfort to its users.

The Quilt

The top layer of the mattress is the quilt. The ultimate look and the feel of any mattress largely depend on this. Usually this is made from light fibers or foams that are sewed underneath the ticking. You get them with different levels of firmness. These layers play a significant role in deciding the level of comfort a mattress provides and its durability.

A mattress of superior quality can be expected to last for eight to twenty years if you care for its maintenance. For getting utmost support from your mattress, it should be flipped and turned periodically. You should also understand that avoiding bending and folding of your mattress makes it sag rather early.