How to Remodel a Small Bathroom

Bathrooms are private spaces in any house and a bathroom renovation project requires special consideration. You need to devote extra time to choosing mirrors, sinks, tiles, vanities, faucets, and accessories. Regardless of your style or budget, proper planning is important in ensuring the success of a bathroom renovation project. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when dealing with remodeling a small bathroom.

Know Your Options

For many people, a bathroom is like a sanctuary where they go to reflect and just pamper themselves. Create a dramatic effect in your bathroom with a combination of dark and light colored woods. You can achieve the same effect by using a neutral palette with one strong color. Replicate regular design details like identical wall tiles and floors for small bathrooms. This will help make your small bathroom appear larger.

Use Available Resources

If your bathroom feels cramped or overcrowded, consider stripping it down to the studs and rearranging it. Although it may be difficult to customize some of the permanent features in your bathroom like drains and plumbing, you can easily personalize your bathroom cabinetry, interior walls, and fixtures. Strategize accordingly by going through the layout of your bathroom to help you determine the right bathroom design.

Don’t Go Overboard

Copy any stylish features such as beaded-board paneling, decorative wainscoting, and arched doorways from the rest of the house. Consider making your bathroom modern but practical. Overly intricate decorations or additions will make the bathroom appear overdone. Remember, one of the goals of a bathroom renovation is to achieve a look that compliments the rest of your home.

Use Furniture

Be creative when choosing your bathroom furniture. You do not want your bathroom to look dull and boring. Add cabinets, comfortable chairs, decorative mirrors, and console tables for an appealing appearance. Convert chests into vanities and store towels and toiletries in armoires.

Choose Timeless Materials

Always consider the longevity of all the things you would like to add to your bathroom. Simple materials are ideal. Avoid bathroom decorations that are in vogue because they may become outdated in a few years.

Set up ‘his and hers’ areas.

Many homeowners renovate their bathrooms so that they can clearly define his and hers areas. You may use similar materials for both areas but add certain distinct elements such as different sink basins or vanities to distinguish them.

Splurge a Little

Add certain elements of luxury including glass showers, steam generators, rain shower heads, or even heated floors to your bathroom. However, do not overdo it.

A bathroom renovation gives you the opportunity to have the bathroom you have always wanted. However, a good bathroom renovation requires prior planning and knowledge of the different bathroom design options available.