Constructions of Green Roofs

Roofs are a necessity in any building construction, but they can provide much more than simply protection from the elements overhead. In fact, a roof can be utilized to increase health and wellness while reducing the economic and environmental impacts of inhabiting a space.

Green roofs are a growing trend, which boosts the efficiency and reduces energy demand of a property by adding vegetation to the mix. A roof of this type is created by laying down a waterproof layer and topping that with a drainage system. Next, a root barrier is provided, with a growing medium set upon it. Finally, vegetation is added to the growing medium. This eco-friendly process can reduce levels of carbon monoxide and smog as well as limit noise and reduce heating and air conditioning costs for the building. This type of green construction can also expand the lifespan of a roof by two to three times –an upwards of sixty years. Learn more about how to construct a vegetation-based roof as well as the benefits of other green trends in building by checking out the following infographic.