The Importance of the Fire Doors

The Importance of the Fire Doors

In the world of the locksmith a significant number of companies that are dedicated to the distribution and installation of all kinds of security methods for all doors whatever material or its purpose.

The doors that we categorize as special, fire doors are very important and indispensable in certain industrial buildings or offices, so that in the event of a fire the fire is not spread so quickly and can proceed to an evacuation. This type of doors also have a special lock resistant and simple manual opening, which in the same way that the door must withstand the tremendous heat and fire causing a fire.

The fire doors are installed obligatorily in these buildings as a method of security to prevent the fire spreading too quickly in case of fire and smoke or flames to reach other departments before you can proceed to evacuate persons who had in them. This type of doors must be manufactured and installed by professionals Schlüsseldienst Berlin BBS in the sector to ensure that the work is well made and that in case of need the door firewall and your lock will not fail in its purpose.

In the majority of cases, the fire doors are operated through a bar that is operated by pushing unfriendly and opening the door. Although this is the most common model, Schlüsseldienst Berlin BBS are also produced fire doors with common knobs and locks operated by key, depending on the model. It is important to choose the model that best adapts to space and the needs of the customer, always thinking about the safety of the people who are in the interior of the building and in the easiest and safest way to turning them on to avoid traffic jams and therefore to increase the number of injured in the evacuation.

Today the new fire doors incorporate modern systems of drives as well as automation that guarantee the usurious the easier manageability as well as a secure service in the operation of the door with automatic shut off in case of possible fire, which can be functional even in the event of a cut the electricity in the building.

The locks for fire doors must have a resistance and durability far superior to the normal locks, since it depends in large part on the functionality of the fire doors and that work and properly activated when needed.

In safety matters in occasions it is better to spare no expense purchasing Schlüsseldienst Berlin BBS products lowest category, endangering the people who are inside the building by choosing a lock with the heat damage too fast, we must bear in mind that the best materials and a very accurate processing guarantee quality, reliability and a long service life.

This type of locks must withstand high temperatures and the presence of fire in order to be eligible for this service by this fire doors be inspected according to the German standard extricate DIN 4102.