The Accessories of Shabby Chic

You’ve started on the right foot: white slipcovered couch, distressed mirror, refurbished antique cabinet. Shabby chic furniture is a fantastic starting point for a relaxed yet interesting-looking home. Now what to add for decoration? Here are some ideas for design elements that won’t be too dear and that will have your indelible stamp on them.

Dig in the stacks

Vinyl has made it way back into fashion, but you aren’t shopping for the purposes of DJ’ing, you’re looking for amazing album covers. The records might be decent, too, but you likely don’t even have a turntable. No matter. Get a selection, at least three, that work together as a series, linked by composition or colour. The most important part will be putting them all in the same type of frame, painted the same colour. The album covers’ uniform size makes them ideal for a wall display. Alternatively, you can hang the records themselves, no frames necessary.

Make custom silhouettes

You’ve probably seen silhouette stickers in interior design photography. Maybe you don’t want a look that feels too trendy, but did you know that you can create custom stickers? See if you have a family photograph or one of your pet that would make for a good silhouette and use that in lieu of artwork in a hallway or sitting room.


Some garden supply shops are selling rather expensive glass containers these days, but a simple glass dish or bowl will do very well. Kids love putting terrariums together, and this can be a very fun activity. Add tiny plastic animals and dinosaurs to make a funny conversation piece. If you’re not much of a plant caretaker, use epiphytes as your greenery; they’re the ultimate easy-care plant.

Seasonal or “functional” wreaths

OK, this is a project for the fearless crafter, but it’s a good one, and perfect for shabby chic furniture. There are quite few tutorials on how to create wreaths. If you’re not afraid of greenery and wire, you can make a wreath from so many interesting materials. Lemons, lavender, orange blossoms, the leaves of lily plants – get inspired by the seasons. Use materials like burlap or twine as they are durable and malleable.

Use tubing cross-sections to create a more enduring wall hanging; it can serve as a memory box or a way to display small photos or knick-knacks. Attach the items to each other with a strong crafting glue and paint away!