Modular Building Products and Services in Edmonton

Modular trailerModular buildings are special kinds of structures that offer significantly reduced costs when compared to conventional buildings. They are innovatively designed to reduce waste and environmental impact. This helps to promote sustainability, while at the same time offering the comfort and quality that is expected in traditional buildings. If you want a modular building, you can hire experts with experience in constructing these types of buildings. 

Modular Building Products and Services in Edmonton

If you are in Edmonton, you can find established companies that offer some of the best modular building products and services. These companies are renowned for manufacturing, transportation and installation of award winning modular structures. Their skilled and dedicated specialists who are excellent in producing top quality modular buildings that will provide you and your team with a safe and healthy working environment. They normally do this in a professional and timely manner.

Their structures usually come in innovative designs. Moreover, the specialists normally build structures that fit different environments and jobs. These contractors offer the best turnkey solutions, and modular trailers in Edmonton. Furthermore, all of their units come with reliable warranty programs. Some of the products and services offered by these companies include:


1. Custom Modular Buildings

Whether your project is small or big, the contractors can build custom modular trailers and buildings to meet your project needs, hence ensuring a healthy and safe working environment. They will work with you on each step to complete the building to your satisfaction.


These are special structures that expand lengthwise into separate sections, and are normally transported to sites by rail car or on flat-decks. At the site, the installation is extremely quick, simple and effective. The INSTA-BUILD is best for applications such as school gymnasiums, manufacturing sites and storage facilities.

3. Used Modular Buildings

The contractors offers a wide assortment of used modular buildings, which include 23-70 person single and 2-storey workforce housing complexes, recreation/dinner/kitchen complexes, as well as offices, and well-sites, among other things. They also have pre-used structures to suit different needs.

Other products include new modular buildings, and turnkey solutions. Moreover, they have a one-year warranty on their new manufactured products.

Services Offered 

The highly skilled specialists will offer you the best in installation, construction and designs. All their products are delivered safely, on time, and on budget, with leasing and rental options open to every client. Some of the services they offer include:

I. Design: The design and drafting technologists work closely with each customer in order to tailor their special requirements right from conceptual design to drafting of the system specifications and drawing. The specialists normally combine their superior knowledge of international and domestic code requirements with their unique space-saving designs.

II. Manufacturing: The manufacturing process is entirely done indoors in highly-controlled work environments. All the products are normally manufactured to very strict specifications of quality and durability control. Moreover, by administering systematic inspections at key stages of production, every building code is met.

III. Installation and Maintenance: The modular building companies employ highly qualified technicians who have experience in installation, foreseeing problems and maintaining very strict adherence to every safety regulation.

IV. Rentals and Leasing: In case you are searching for an affordable remote housing option for your workforce for your project, the contractors in Edmonton can help. They provide long and short term leasing options to suit different project requirements. They normally rent and lease remote modular buildings at budget-friendly prices.

Whether you are looking for turnkey solutions or modular trailers in Edmonton, there are various reliable companies that offer quality modular building solutions to people in Edmonton and the surroundings.