A List of the Major Advantages of Granite and Quartz Worktops

Granite and quartz – it can be said that these two materials are some of the most popular materials for worktops today. Why so? Simply because they are both laden with great properties and characteristics which make them ideal for the modern kitchen. But if you are stumped between granite and quartz and are having difficulty choosing between the two, what do you need to consider? The following list of the major advantages of both granite and quartz worktops may help you decide.

The advantages of granite as a worktop

First, let’s take a look at granite. Granite is considered a natural stone, which is already a plus for some buyers. Since it’s a natural stone, you have plenty of patterns, hues, and shades to choose from, whatever theme you have in your kitchen. But what other factors make granite so special? Well, granite worktops are said to be a good investment. Even though they may cost more than a usual worktop, they last longer and are able to handle wear and tear better than other materials, such as laminate, wood, or concrete. In the end, the cost of a granite worktop is worth it because you can use it for a long time and it also adds value to your home.

A List of the Major Advantages of Granite and Quartz WorktopsAdditionally, granite is quite heat-resistant. Even if you place a hot pan on a granite worktop surface, it will not become easily damaged (of course, this isn’t recommended for any type of worktop, but granite can wear it better than most). Granite is also very easy to clean and maintain, as all it needs for a thorough clean is mild detergent and warm water, and these worktops are hygienic as well.

The advantages of quartz as a worktop

Now let’s take a look at quartz. As mentioned, quartz is becoming increasingly popular as a worktop as well simply because it has some qualities that make it similar to granite. Additionally, since it’s an engineered stone, quartz is actually low-maintenance and is not susceptible to scrapes and scratches. In fact, it is so tough that it can actually withstand minor chipping.

A quartz worktop, since it’s engineered, can also be made to fit your own preference. You can dictate what colour you want for a quartz worktop, and it has a more consistent colouring and pattern than granite as well. Quartz worktops, such as the ones from http://www.jrstone.co, are also non-porous, which means that they don’t need to be sealed. However, keep in mind that quartz worktops are not that heat-resistant, so be careful about placing hot items on its surface. Cleaning and maintaining a quartz worktop is also relatively easy – just a simple combination of water and soap will do.

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