Using Sliding Sash Windows To Achieve A Period Look

Buying a period property isn’t an option for all potential house buyers. In some areas, they simply don’t exist with the majority of housing being modern or recent, while in other areas, buying a period property means investing more money than a family might be willing to spend or buying a house that is too large for a couple’s needs.

Rather than buying a house that isn’t entirely suitable, looking to areas that you don’t really want to move to, or increasing your budget to a level that you don’t really want to have to pay, you can renovate a modern home in order to give it a period look. Reclamation yards will become your new favourite haunts, while a trip to the shops will means visiting your local antique dealer rather than Argos to buy new furniture, but the process itself can be extremely enjoyable while the results can be more than rewarding.

Other buyers may find themselves in a similar position to the one you find yourself in – they are looking for period features but don’t have the budget to buy a period property. When the day comes for you to sell your home and move, this means that your period features that you lovingly crafted and painstakingly planned, could greatly increase the value of your home. In the meantime, you can enjoy a beautiful property with features like brick porches, country kitchens, and stunning sliding sash windows.

Although the majority of properties now have PVC windows, this certainly hasn’t always been the case. Before PVC frames existed, properties benefited from attractive and functional timber framed windows and doors. Unfortunately, over time, manufacturers turned to cheaper and lower quality timber to create the frames and this, combined with the fact that lead based primer, treatment, and paint is no longer allowed, meant that timber fell out of fashion and PVC window frames began to appear in properties across the country. Modern homes are certainly more likely to have PVC frames than wooden ones, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t have the option of choosing timber frames yourself.

Sliding sash windows are arguably the ultimate choice in timber framed windows. Rather than having hinged openings, they have a sliding mechanism that relies on the use of pullies and weights. The homeowner can lift the bottom section of the window upwards in order to create a large opening, allowing a lot of fresh air and natural light into the room, while also giving the traditional beauty that only a wooden frame has to offer.

Sliding sash windows can be added to every room of the house, and they can be accompanied by timber framed doors. They can be combined with double or even triple glazed panes, and they can be personalised with your own selection of window pane layout. In essence, they can be used to create the period look that you want, even in the most modern of properties.

The Original Box Sash Windows Company can install, maintain, and make lasting repairs to timber framed, sliding sash windows, ensuring that you can enjoy period charm from your property, no matter what its age.