Tile Patterns To Help All Homes Look Their Best


There are many ways to help your home look its best. Choosing the right furnishings and materials always is very important. But, by using the correct tile patterns you can be sure to get results that are exponential. Here are three which are famous for the beauty they provide.

Running Bond

One of the most widely used tile layout patterns is what is known as the running bond. However it is also known as the brick pattern too since it is the one you will see most often used in brickwork. To install it correctly each tile is set so that it begins halfway through the one below it. For it to look its best you will need to use rectangular shaped tiles. When finished it will have a staggered look that is incredibly attractive and popular for use on walls, back splashes and floors.


Some layouts are much more appealing when used on the floor instead of the wall and vice versa. The Versailles is a perfect example. It is one of the best floor tile patterns you can use particularly in larger spaces. For this reason you will often see it outdoors but it also can work very well on the floor in bigger sized rooms. Unlike other options this layout is made to trick you into thinking it is actually random. To accomplish this the Versailles uses quite a few different sized tiles all which are of precise ratios to one another. The end result is a luxurious looking floor which is perfectly balanced.


Not a layout a beginner should try and attempt to install, the herringbone is a stunner. It gets its name from the fact that it very closely resembles the look of the skeleton of a herring fish. Like the running bond it uses rectangular tiles. While it is gorgeous to look at it is not one of the tile laying patterns that you will come across as often as others due to the skill level required to install it. However, if you have a pro who can do it for you, this classic is well worth a look.

There are many different tile patterns to choose from. By taking your time and looking at your options you will be able to find one that works perfectly with your space. But be sure to check the running bond, Versailles, and herringbone as these three are and will continue to be long time homeowner favorites.

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