If You Want to Sell Your Home in Tallahassee Florida DON’T Do These Things – Local Records Office


LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE: These are the 5 things NOT to do if you want to sell your home in Tallahassee Florida. It seems like we like everywhere we look we read “How to Sell Property” but we never hear about what not to do when you want to sell your house. ‘Local Records Office’ has created 5 easy to read tips of what not to do when you wan to sell your property in Tallahassee Florida.

1. Is there carpet in the bathroom? – If you want to sell a house and it has carpet in bathroom please remove it as soon as possible. Carpet in the bathroom is a big NO. The bathroom is a place where water constantly falls on the ground and moister collects from the hot showers the residents take. If water is falls on the carpet and moister is constantly building up you will have a mold and water damage problem.

2. Pet odor – Pets have a strong smell that many pet owners get used to over time and think that it doesn’t smell. Having a strong pet odor in the house could be a problem because many people are allergic to cat and dog hair. Vacuuming and disinfecting the house should help wit the strong pet odor says, Local Records Office. Baking soda is known to remove odor fast, another good idea would be removing all litter boxes and chew toys.

3. Overgrown landscape – When buyer’s first pull-up to your home the first thing they will see is the landscape. Landscape could be a deal breaker. An overgrown front yard could make sellers turn around. Make sure to mow the lawn, cut overgrown weeds, and water the grass. If the yard is dry and dead you could buy grass sod. Grass sod is tile-like grown grass that has been cut from the roofs and its placed on top of the old and dried yard.

4. Colors that don’t go together – If your living room is painted sky blue, the kitchen is black and your bathroom is lime green you will definitely have a hard time selling your home. Find light colors like white and light yellow. People find low light colors to be easier to the eye and it’s much easier to paint over it if the seller wants a room for the children. Hiring a small company that is eager to grown will do the work for a low cost.

5. Carpet stains – This one should be number one. Having a dirty carpet in the living room will cause buyers to offer less because they will think “another expense.” If you can’t afford to replace the carpet go to your local hardware store and rent a heavy-duty carpet cleaner unit. These are units are easy to use that most people get a hang of it in the first try. When you clean your carpet make sure to clean sthe entire house not just a room or two. Just because you don’t have pets doesn’t mean you don’t have to deep clean your carpet.

6. BONUS – Water damage stains – Water damage is a serious problem that could cost thousands of dollars, it could cause sever damage to the foundation and the roof says, Local Records Office.

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