Clogged Drains: What could be worse?

Clogged drains

You’re washing your hands and the water won’t drain. You’re washing dishes, you pull the stopper, and your sink won’t drain.

This sort of problem is something that many of us have experienced – pretty much anyone who lives in a home with a drain. Clogged drains are truly a hassle, especially when the blockage is so serious that regardless of what clog removing liquid you pour down, water still won’t drain properly.

This can occur because a clogged drain can originate from a number of places, some of which can’t be accessed yourself with a clog removing liquid. For example, the problem may lie deep within the sewer pipe. These situations require immediate repair and clean up by professional services.

A drain backup, smells from a toilet, or seeing disposed items return when you flush are all signs of blockage in your wastewater system. They’re often caused by cat litter, flushable feminine hygiene products, oil and grease, tree roots, or broken pipes. Blockages usually appear outside the home, where cold temperatures solidify grease and tree roots can have an impact.

Services Offered

Various professional services are offered. They include the following:

  • Rootering/ snaking/ augering
    • This is a process that uses an electrical tool with a metal cable that has changeable metal bits, which can be positioned to clear clogs in pipes. The rotating snake is fed into the drain to source the blockage where the rotating bit head can clear the clog.
  • Hydro jetting
    • This technology is an alternate to rootering. The equipment forces water under high pressure through the pipeline. One added advantage of this technology is its ability to eradicate interior build-up that prevents the outflow of waste water.
  • Diagnosis
    • Video inspection technology can efficiently inspect pipelines to identify the source(s) of the blockage.
  • Backwater valve installation and maintenance
    • A backwater valve works to leverage gravity –it stays open when household water drains and closes when water flows in the wrong direction. It prevents sewage water from entering your home. It’s the most effective way from protecting your home against sewage backup.
  • Sump pump installation
    • A sump pump involves a pit that collects excess water coming from the home’s weeping tile. Rising water in the pit starts the pump which drains the water through a discharge pipe.

That drain clogging remover liquid isn’t necessarily the be all and end all. As you have read, there are a number of services offered by experts available.