What Are Some of The Features You Should Expect in a Steam Shower?

What Are Some of The Features You Should Expect in a Steam Shower

Modern steam showers work on the same principles as steam showers in public baths, sports clubs and spas – water is heated until it produces steam – which is then released through a steam valve, in a controlled manner, into an enclosure, the shower cabin, cubicle or whatever a particular brand might refer to it as. The amount and temperature of the steam can be controlled from within the shower unit.

Steam provides well-documented health benefits when used on a regular basis, such as:

  • Improved performance of your circulatory system – your blood moves more easily around your body – delivering the essential vitamins and nutrients more efficiently and effectively to your vital organs.

  • Even a few minutes in a steam shower can help alleviate, almost instantly, congestion caused by mucus in the airways, help unblock a stuffy nose, clear a headache, and help soothe aching muscles – hence the popularity of steam therapy with athletes.

  • Regular use of steam provides a deep-cleansing action for your skin pores, unblocking any build up of grime and dirt from everyday living, leaving your skin soft, clear and glowing, and is one of the quickest ways to help reduce or eliminate common skin problems such as pimples and blackheads.

Featured-packed steam showers

Many modern steam showers are designed as an all in one enclosure, so you don’t need to worry about steam damaging the walls or ceiling of your bathroom – the steam is held within the chamber and does not escape into the rest of the bathroom – you don’t even have to worry about your bathroom mirror steaming up.

What’s more there is an abundance of superb features included in many models of steam shower – not to mention other additional features which can be included if you wish. Here are just a few features you should expect, or consider including, when you opt to install a steam shower in your bathroom:

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • Mood lighting

  • Fold-away seat

  • Hydro-massage jets

  • Door options – sliding, folding, left-side and right-side hinged

  • Monsoon rain showerhead

  • Built in water softener

  • Easy clean option

The provision of all in one steam shower units with options for left hand or right hand swing door models refers to which way the door opens – to the right or to the left, so you can basically choose the model which best fits your particular bathroom layout.

Installing a steam shower or steam shower bath combination in your bathroom could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. It will literally transform ‘taking a shower’ from simply something you do – to something you experience! You’ll never think of showering in the same way again once you get used to having your own personal steam on tap.