Top reasons to install aluminium doors

There is a lot of choice when it comes to picking the material for your back door. Timber doors often have a particular charm and tradition, PVCu can be a very cost effective option and the new modern style in aluminium looks outstanding.

Aluminium doors are not just popular because they look great however. There are many other superb reasons to choose them for your home. Below, the team at aluminium door and window specialists Clear View, look at some of the reason why aluminium is becoming a sought after product.


Aluminium doors have the ability to be constructed to wider lengths that counterparts and this can thus mean you can remove side lights or top lights to get more natural light into the home. You can then further benefit from the entire opening as a door, which will reduce the overall cost of the project.

More glass

No-one wants to see lots of frame when the main product and reason you are changing windows and doors is for the glass. Aluminium has particularly small sight lines, in a superb modern finish and thus you can maximise the glass space available.


It is a fact that not many people know, that aluminium is over two times as strong as PVCu. So, you will not only get a slimmer framed door with aluminium, but also have a much stronger complete package which support better glass and a more visible area to look through. There is also a range of incredibly strong security hardware that comes with an aluminium frame which continues improve the doors package. If you were to use a Schuco door for example, you also see no visible hinges, which are totally hidden between the door and its frame.

Better integration

Aluminium doors just look superb within any setting. Whether you are living in a farmhouse conversion, a listed building or a brand new grand design home, aluminium doors will always integrate with your existing windows or front door. Unlike some other materials, you will not need to change the rest of the home to ensure you get the desired feel you want. Should you want to put them next to existing doors and windows, you can also do this easily to create uniform matching screen.

More colour variety

Whether you are looking for a simple white or grey aluminium door, or you would like to match it to a specific colour, you can with an aluminium frame. Over the years there have been many stories of people matching the frames to pieces of artwork, very old coloured faded doors and much more. There are over 200 RAL colours to choose from so you can get the look you want for your home.

Flexibility is also greater

The flexibility of an aluminium door is also grater. Let’s say you have a cat flap for example, you could struggle with a PVCu door. However, aluminium doors provide multiple glass and panel options meaning if you require modifications, they can be carried out on order, in the future or even taken out altogether.

So there you have it, if you are thinking of getting new doors and windows, consider the aluminium frames as a superb addition and get the door you require. For more information you should always speak to a professional company about your individual needs.