Tips to Make Your Real Estate Listings Shine Online

Tips to Make Your Real Estate Listings Shine OnlineThe real estate market is a competitive landscape and it takes a lot to make your firms’ listings stand out among tens, if not hundreds, of other listings in your city. Online marketing has proven an effective medium for driving real estate sales, but it requires careful attention to a few well-chosen strategies.

You Need to Be Social

Whether you choose to branch out from your firm or choose to represent your real estate agency, you need to go social. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have millions and millions of users who are potential customers just waiting to be reached. As long as you are social on any number of platforms, you will be able to tap into those huge customer bases.

Start your social strategy by creating a Facebook page, a Twitter profile and a Google Plus profile page. Each has its own dynamic and way to reach customers, and they are relatively easy to manage. Try to find profile names that clearly state what your firm is about (i.e., rentals vs. luxury properties) and the geographic location you serve. This will quickly convey to potential customers how they may be able to use your services to find their next home.

Geographic Targeting is Key

You are likely using an advertising platform like Google Adwords to put up your listings on Google search. One of the most common pitfalls of this strategy is not using refined targeting by geographic data and/or household income data. With the data right there and readily available, why not take advantage of it?

“I was targeting keywords like condo listings with my Adwords campaign and wasn’t getting any results, but was still spending heaps of cash on my advertisements. As soon as I started targeting by my precise geographic location and advertising on Chicago condos, I started to see the results come in.” – Sheldon Salnick of Chicago Luxury Real Estate

In addition to using the right geographic narrowing in your keyword targets, use Google’s Adwords campaign settings to further refine exactly who you are targeting. You’ll see your results trend upward and your spend become more effective.

Past Buyer Reviews

One quick way to convey your level of service and expertise is to get your past buyers to leave reviews for you. Whether on a Yelp page, your own personal website, your firm’s website or on Google reviews, real reviews from people you have worked with will speak volumes.

“I ask all of my past clients to leave reviews about their purchase process with me. Not only does it make me look great online, it lets future shoppers know what to expect when working on a real estate deal with me.” – Lynne Koy of Sarasota Luxury Real Estate

Encourage your buyers to leave reviews about you and validate they are truthful. You’ll find they can quickly help you drum up new business for you.

Employing a combination of these strategies will enhance your listings’ performance online. Because everyone is online and checking their mobile devices throughout the day, it is critical that you are available and actively speaking to them through online channels.