Tips for decorating antique homes

Tips for decorating antique homes

Are there cracks on the walls of your vintage home? Are the wallpapers peeling off? Don’t you have enough space for storing or displaying your beautifully crafted figurines? Here, are some tips that you can consider to revamp your antique home, and freshen up its outlook.

  1. Paint the walls with classic colors

Select color from vintage inspired palette; you can hide unsettling cracks or slightly damaged molding by painting ceiling and walls the same color. You’d like to flaunt architecture and patterns by toning them down.

  1. Give a peculiar character to your home

If you are lucky enough to have stained window glass, you can paint the walls paint them to make stains or cracks on windows appear like an exquisite artwork. You can cover quirky windows in unusual places by drapes; by doing so, you’d be able to hide the awkward windows whilst using windows for letting light and air pass through them.

  1. Showcase your art

Exquisite artifacts and colorful antique pieces are integral parts of antique home. It’s essential to showcase them elegantly; you can install planks on empty wall where you can place masterpieces reminiscent of a glorious past. It is a brilliant idea to use that space for displaying nostalgic photos of to ignite effervescence of your childhood, and memories with your loved ones. Have a collection of gripping novels in your retro-style open shelf.

  1. Reuse your old items.

It is good idea to put your unused old trunk to its use; you can place a trunk in front a bed to use it for placing blankets and bedspreads inside it. The same trunk can be used as makeshift table where you can put magazines and newspapers.

  1. Create a mix of antiquity and contemporary furniture’s

Having a mirror reflecting the daybed and table in your living room together with a chandelier painted in blue color and contemporary rug sporting unique combination of traditional and modern styles is a mix every classic homeowner would want to have. Look for textures and architecture patterns that create an impeccable combination of modern and traditional styles.

  1. Build a practical kitchen with contemporary appliances

A period-era kitchen will broad space and modern appliance will surely attract anyone. Voluminous shelves with well-assorted ornaments, symmetrically arranged crockery in cupboards and gleaming faucet are features that you surely look for any kind of kitchen.

  1. Create well-defined portions in rooms

If you are ardently disciplined, and want to have everything arranged, then it will be a good idea to partition your room into segments. Rugs with different colors can be used to mark different areas of room.

  1. Rejuvenate your home

Intrinsically, you would want to renew outlook of your antique home, which you can do by selecting a varnish to make your wooden floor and doors shine in all their glory. You can also give an semblance of modernity your home by replacing old lights with new ones that just aptly resonate with character of your home. Consider adding a barn door with antique sliding barn door hardware.