Top tips for furnishing a small apartment

Top tips for furnishing a small apartmentWith more and more people moving to the city for work, people are increasingly finding themselves crammed into smaller and smaller apartments.

But just because the apartment might be compact, that doesn’t mean that the design ideas have to be limited. This is because there are many effective space-saving solutions such as divan based beds and clothing racks that can help a home stay stylish without becoming overwhelmed with clutter.

When furnishing an apartment, it’s important to maximise every possible space. Those living in a larger loft space can create the impression of multiple rooms by using a divider or even a wardrobe to develop themes of separate living areas.

And everybody knows how effective mirrors can be in creating the illusion of extra space, and the extra light provided can help lighten even the dingiest apartment too.

When it comes to maximising space, implementing storage solutions is a key concern. Book lovers can take heart from some of these creative bookshelf ideas, and even investing in a new divan base to get more storage from a furniture retailer such as Bedstar can do much to remove unnecessary clutter in the home.

Even if the apartment has run out of potential storage areas like divan bases, there’s always the possibility of turning a negative into a positive. This can be seen in this stylish apartment that makes up for the lack of closet space by having clothing racks that allow the clothes and shoes to become a feature of the room without causing too much mess.

A small apartment often requires the individual to work upwards rather than across in order to truly maximise space. Whilst putting up shelves can provide a headache for the more DIY-phobic decor fans, they can function much in the same way as a table or cabinet without taking up any more valuable floor space. Even using stacking boxes for storage, or even just creating separate corners in the room for different things like magazines or records can help gain order and save space.

Many of these ideas are simple solutions that create the illusion of space. And the illusory powers of having clean white walls can do much in building an impression of an apartment that’s bigger than it actually is.

So from simple investments such as a divan-based bed, or just a fresh coat of white paint, there’s much that can be done to make a little apartment seem much larger!