Repair or Replace? Signs Your Roof is Broken Beyond Repair

Signs Your Roof is Broken Beyond Repair

Michigan’s high wind makes our roof experience many kinds of problem. You often call roofers in Michigan to repair your roof but the damage seems to keep coming back. If you have this kind of problem, maybe it is a sign that you need to replace your roof. Roof has its lifespan too. At some points repairing will not solve the problem. But in the same time, replacing roof can be very expensive so don’t rush to do it. To help you decide, here are some signs that show you need to replace your roof immediately.

The first thing that can be noticed easily is the shingles condition. Good shingles are flat and have rough textures. If your shingles is starting to curling, then it is the sign that it needs to be replaced. Good shingles also will be attached to their place, even if there is high wind and heavy rain. If your shingles is starting to fly and missing easily, it could be a sign that reroofing is a good option. But contact your roofers first. It could also be a sign that the roofing process was flawed and it is the time you ask for the guarantee.

Leaking also can be a visible sign. If you find dampness in your wall or ceiling, it means that there is something wrong with your roof. If you keep repairing it but the leaks always come back, it means you will need to reroof your house. If your roof is closing to the end of its life span, it can lose its durability and cracks easily. It will make water penetrates the roof and go to your house.  

Leaking that comes from roof that needs to be replaced have a special characteristic. It makes your wall or ceiling darker curling and very damp. Those are the sign of long term leaking and the roof needs to be replaced to solve this problem. Also remember that every material will show different sign. Wooden roof that needs to be replaced will easily crack or overgrow with moss. In the other hand, metal roof will show sign of rusting.

Last but not least, you have to know the average life span of your roof material. If you use woods and then it has been on your house for more than 20 years, then it is the right time to replace it. Remember that roof can wear off too, so replacing will be inevitable at some point. However, to make sure you won’t have to replace your roof again for a very long time, choose materials with longer life span. Clay tiles, metal and slate can be used for more than 50 years and even more with the right maintenance.

Reroofing can cost you a lot of money. At some point you will need to do it. But, to increase the life span of your roof, you must maintain it regularly. Call roofers in Michigan to inspect your roof annually. This way, your roof will stay in a good condition longer.