Understanding Machine Stretch Wrap And Pallet Wrap

Stretch wrapping

Stretch wrapping

Transporting your goods or products are another thing you should do in the way to distribute your products to certain place. But you know what, it is not viable to plainly transport your things for whatever it is just like that, moreover, if the size of the thing you want to transport is huge such as cabinetry, machine, car, and plenty others. you need something which protects your stuffs from the outside, and when it comes to it, you need stretch wrap to do job. As for this, you have two methods to wrap the load, you can choose manual method or machine stretch wrap.


For whatever your option for the method, if you do the wrapping for daily usage, stretch wrap machine is more convenient, since it can increase the productivity, and also cost efficient. The  reason is, when you choose machine wrap to do the packaging, you won’t waste the stretchy plastic during stretch wrapping. Too, when it comes to machine, you have another two options, such as buying or rent the machine. Obviously, for each solution that you take for the stretch wrap machine, there are benefits and drawbacks.


Say that you rent the machine, you pay less pricey initial price  and have no obligation to pay the maintenance cost, however, the machine is not available forever. Furthermore, when you use it for a long term, it can be more pricey. Meanwhile, if you buy the machine, though the initial price is quite high alongside with the maintenance cost, still if you use the machine as daily basis and for a long period of time, it is less pricey compared to the previous option. Also the machine is with you forever. Anyway, if you prefer to buy your machine, it is not necessary for you to buy the new one, in case your budget speaks the opposite.


For your to know, some vendors offer its customers with new and used stretch wrap machine. Guess what? Just because it is used, it doesn’t mean it can’t perform well. Not to mention, if you can chose  a proper supplier to supply you with packaging system that you need, it won’t be a problem. Speak of stretch wrap, and its machine, you need to include as well pallet wrap, a plastic film that is known also as stretch wrap that you need to apply stretchy wrapping, a wrapping technique to hold the loads altogether with stretchy plastic film on the pallet.

Choosing plastic film, there are few factors to consider. In order to decide kind of plastic film that fits your need, think first the material the you expect to wrap. The next thing is about the material of the wrap itself. if safety is your main concern, then high end plastic wrap is what you need. Indeed the price is a bit higher, however, it is worth a consideration, more if the thing that you want to transport is worthful like car, so then you can prevent any damage that may happens during the distribution. What do yo think?