The Major Benefits of a Freestanding Bath for Your Own Bathroom

We can all agree that a bath is one of the most important features in your bathroom – if not the most important. After all, a bath is something that will be used (almost) every day, and it therefore needs to be durable, strong, long-lasting, and efficient, not to mention stylish and yet practical as well.

When you are looking for the perfect bath for your bathroom, you will definitely come across freestanding baths. The appeal of a freestanding bath can’t be denied – it’s stylish, elegant, and can really give your bathroom a unique look and perspective. Rather than having a standard bath placed against the wall (which almost every bathroom has), you can have a freestanding bath which not only looks great, but can be a great choice for other major reasons, besides.

The Major Benefits of a Freestanding Bath for Your Own BathroomThe main benefits of a freestanding bath

A freestanding bath is flexible

As previously mentioned, freestanding baths are completely different from standard baths which have to be placed against the wall. This contributes to its utmost flexibility, as you can literally place a freestanding bath anywhere in your bathroom. If your bathroom is big enough, you can even choose to place your freestanding bath right in the middle, which also makes your bathroom look more unique and adds to its charm.

A freestanding bath has great style and appeal

If you are looking to make the right bathroom statement, then you should look no further than a freestanding bath. A freestanding bath can make a big impact on your bathroom’s overall look and style more than any other bathroom fixture or accessory – after all, it takes centre stage.

A freestanding bath comes in different materials, designs, and shapes

Just like other standard baths, a freestanding bath is available in different materials. You can choose a freestanding bath made from acrylic, plastic, fibreglass, or Carron freestanding baths which are stronger than acrylic and which come with a warranty of 30 years – plus better heat retention as well. In fact, these types of baths are able to retain heat for more than 30 minutes compared to a standard acrylic bath, allowing you to relax in the bath for a longer time.

Freestanding baths also come in various shapes, from oval to rectangular to curved, so you can take your pick. You can even opt for a freestanding bath with claw feet for that ‘vintage’ look that is quite popular nowadays. Or you can choose a freestanding bath with its own pedestal or have it installed on a platform to give your bathroom a more modern theme.

With a freestanding bath, you can also show off your bathroom’s flooring – it does not have to be covered up at all. Apart from this, freestanding baths can make your bathroom look larger, giving it a more spacious look and feel simply because of the additional area displayed underneath the bath.

Whether you are remodeling or refurbishing an existing bathroom or building a new bathroom entirely from scratch, a freestanding bath is a wonderful choice indeed.

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