Restaurant Furniture Buying Guide

There are many factors to consider when establishing and running a restaurant, and this includes ensuring that customers are not only provided with high quality food and great service, but also ensuring that they are comfortable and able to enjoy every element of their meal. The furniture that you buy, and the way in which you use the furniture, will help determine whether your guests enjoy a memorable meal for the right reasons. Uncomfortable patrons will report their discomfort to friends and family, while those that are comfortable are likely to return and bring others with them.

Buying restaurant furniture, however, can seem like a challenge because of the huge range of choice in styles, designs, and even pieces of furniture that are available. But, whether you are running a casual café or a high end restaurant, you can improve the diner experience, and potentially help improve your profit levels at the same time. Consider the room you give diners, the number of tables and chairs that you want, the style of seating you wish to offer, and the look and design of the restaurant that you want to convey in your furniture selection.

Typically, restaurants are advised to give diners space of between 1 and 2 square metres. A busy restaurant, with small tables placed diagonally may only need to offer 1 square metre, while high end and expensive restaurants will usually need to provide closer to the top end of the scale. Ensure that you are able to leave enough space behind chairs, in order that your diners can walk between them and so that waiters and staff can also navigate their way around the room.

You can choose the design and material according to your preferences, according to the branding of your business, and according to the clientele that you are hoping to attract. Upholstered chairs can provide greater comfort, while banquette style seating can also help prevent the banging and knocking of chairs as they are being moved around.

Comfort is important, but so too is design and appearance. Image matters to businesses, and especially one that will rely on word of mouth marketing, such as a local restaurant or care. What’s more, poor presentation will be enough to put a lot of people off, so you will enjoy fewer customers that pop in after seeing how nice the place looks. You can carry your branding through into the design of the furniture, opt for more neutral colours so that they will match the décor even after a refurb, or you can go all out and choose a range of colours and designs, to match the current trend for bright and colourful.

Once you have ensured that the furniture fits, and that your clientele and waiting staff are able to move about freely and easily, you should consider the layout, the durability of the material, and the look of the furniture that you buy. Obviously, budget is important, but this doesn’t mean that you should simply opt for the cheapest seating you can find, otherwise you may find that it will end up costing you more in the long run.

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