Useful Cleaning Tips

Is there a way to clean fast and effective without wasting too much energy? I will share some tips I’ve learned form my experience and from the professional carpet cleaners in Surbiton I hire regularly.

I know you can clean, all women are trained since they’re little in the art of cleaning, I still remember my first big cleaning – washing the dishes. My mother put a chair so I can reach the sink and I broke some plates, but I was very proud I could help. Imagine that proud, if I can go back I won’t touch a sponge, mop or anything associated with cleaning for as long as I can. Now I think about it my mother has been preparing me long before my encounter with the dishes, without I even realised it.

The Training Should Begin While You’re Little

Simple things like taking my clothes to the laundry room. Polishing the wooden furniture and other stuff she made look like a game. I hate to admit it, but I’m doing the same thing to my little daughter after all it is true what they say – like mother like daughter. I don’t have to tell you cleaning is a very demanding, hard and tiring job all women have to handle mostly by themselves. The question that we frequently ask ourselves – is there a way to make cleaning easier, more pleasant and faster?

Well there are some tricks you might use in order to outwit your mind. It is almost impossible to start loving the house chores, but you can at least stop hating them. Cleaning is a wonderful way to reduce stress and make a proper workout, sometimes even better than the gym. If you have a built cleaning routine it shouldn’t take more than three-four hours to preform a thorough cleaning if the entire home. This doesn’t include deep cleaning the upholstery of furniture, washing the rugs and cleaning the carpet.

And now for the cleaning tips I promised you – first one is to always clean from the top towards the bottom. This applies for the rooms too that way any excess dust an dirt will fall down and you’ll clean it last leaving everything sparkling clean. When you’re in a room there are several approaches you can use in order to finish with the room fast. The first one is divide and conquer (I’ve learned this from my carpet cleaners as I watched them work) – here you divide the room into pieces and clean one at a time, you don’t stop until you’re finished with the particular piece.

The second one is the clock method – you stand in the middle of the room and start cleaning as if you are a clock hand. If you don’t want to feel like you’ve been in the field digging all day try to minimise your motions. You can accomplish that is you prepare a cleaning kin in advance, that way you won’t seek the rooms for the appropriate tools and detergents. If this is too hard you can always call a cleaning company to the rescue.

All of these tips are here for you to save you time and money from professional services, so remember them and implement them in your cleaning.