Leather Furniture Care

Leather Furniture CareI don’t know why but people don’t often purchase leather furniture mainly because it is expensive but they don’t know the advantages of having this type of furnishing. I can assure you that if you invest your money into leather upholstery your investment will pay off really easy because this is extremely durable material. Some of you have had leather jackets and despite all they’ve been through they’re still in pretty good shape, maybe even better.

The Advantages Of Having Leather Upholstery

High quality old leather is even more expensive than new one because it has gotten stronger in time, if you take proper care for it it can easily outlive you. Having that in mind you can make some calculations and see that if you decide to sell the piece of furniture after fifty years for example it will be much more valuable than when you bought it. You don’t have to worry about leather exposed into direct sunlight unlike fabric which will fade and discolour leather will stay the same.

It also has some heat resistance therefore you don’t have to worry about it burning right after you accidentally drop your cigarette for example. On top of that leather brings elegance and aristocracy to your home and is easily matched up with any interior. Of course there are also some disadvantages of having leather furniture and one of the most important and unpleasant is during the summer months when it’s just too warm to sit on such a couch.

Also you’ll often slide form the chair or sofa during the first few weeks until the leather stretches a little. I don’t think there are any other disadvantages but I can think of one major advantage instead – professional upholstery cleaning.
When purchasing for new furniture most people don’t ask this question but they should because leather is probably the easiest material to clean and maintain when it comes to upholstery it won’t take more than ten minutes a week and maybe fifteen when it is time to condition it.

In order to keep leather moisturised you have to use a special conditioner every once in a while, for my sofa I use it twice a year and it is enough. As for the cleaning if your upholstery is genuine leather you’ll need a damp cloth to remove any stains ad dust. I don’t recommend you purchase suede because it is not durable, it gets stained easy and cleaning is a nightmare. Hope this article has changed your opinion towards leather and next time you’ll purchase this type of furniture.