How to decorate your tiny rooms with mirrors, cushions and more


A bedroom is a bedroom – no matter what size it is. We don’t love our personal space less because it is not as huge as defined by interior decoration magazines and thought leaders. We care for it wholeheartedly and we think about different components in a way that can reside in harmony.

If you are an owner of one such room then you would understand the small space limits you in a lot of ways but it also liberates you at the same time. You focus on the necessities rather than luxury and find a way to make it look lavish with just enough furniture and accessories.

We have certain tips for tiny rooms to make it look proportionate and balanced;

  • Mirror on the wall

We have found an interesting psychological effect of mirrors. If you knew it before then you must agree with us or if you didn’t, let us enlighten you.

Mirrors can add depth in a living space. Of course, you have a mirror for your use in a room but we would ask you to place a couple of them on a wall just to add more effects in your room.

We are not asking you to make a wall of mirror. We are just advising you to use enough of them in your room.

  • Few, stuffier cushions

Cushions are cute and they have a brilliant presence design-wise. However, people with tiny rooms decide to go against them. However, it is not necessary to completely exclude them. You can have a couple of cushions in your little room.

Although you need to give extra importance to its size, color, texture, and shape.  Any fault in the selection of cushions and you might not be able to get the desired result.

The verdict is not to kick out the cushions from your room, just be extra attentive when making a purchase of cushions online.

  • Under bed storage

If you have got a hang of living with small rooms then you will know this trick already. However, if you just have gotten a little room, you are simply going to love us. Do not waste the space under the bed. It is a lot of space which be used as a perfect storage area.

You can store a number of things under your bed. The first clever idea is to use it to keep your shoe collection. All your stilettos, sneakers, flats, flip flops and more must reside under the bed.  We have just given you a starting point, now it is up to you to utilize the under bed space.

  • Light it up (windows and otherwise)

Light is really important for any room, but it becomes extremely crucial for a tiny room. The bright light widens the space. A giant window with a great view is like a dream come true as it can bring in the natural light to your room and nothing can be compared to that.

But that’s not in our hands; there is a fifty-fifty chance that the tiny room might not have an ideal window. In that case, make use of energy savers. Place a couple of them on your walls. The ceiling hanging light fixture might seem like a good idea, but it is not as it looks heavy and loaded.

The best way is to place single energy savers here and there in the room to get the best product.

  • Make use of Verticals

Making use of vertical is an art and you have to master it if you want to live in a small room like a pro. You can have vertical boards fixed in a wall of your room.  We think four to five will be enough. This vertical storage place can be used to keep books, gadgets, makeup, bags, vases etc. In short, you are going to decide how to populate the space.