How to Improve your Bedroom

How to Improve your Bedroom

Last week, I went to my friends’ home for a dinner. I go quite often to his house. I am always amused by the way he has decorated his house. I am very much impressed especially with the way he has decorated his bedroom. I wanted to decorate my bedroom similarly.

I asked about his ideas about the best way to decorate the bedroom. After a little hesitation, he took me inside his bedroom and showed me simple tricks, he has used to decorate his bedroom. I thought he would have spent a fortune to decorate his bedroom so elegantly.

However, when I heard that it is very budget friendly, it really motivated me to implement those ideas for my own bedroom. Some of the items such as the mattress were purchased here these are some of the ideas I found which anyone can use to improve their bedroom.

Glass Fixing:

I first noticed that bedroom was designed such a way that the natural light comes into the room. It gave me a pleasant feeling because anything comes from creation has its own magic. He put large glasses so that light will be there throughout the day.

Allergen-free bedding:

Bed is the most important furniture for any bedroom. You can improve your bedroom with the headboard with a luxurious material having velvet.

I was more stunned because of designs of the furniture. It’s a mix of both modern and traditional ideas. The bed used was made with the latest hypoallergenic fabric. It traps mites inside and prevents them from feeding on your dead skin cells and keep you free from allergies.

Cozy blankets, a comforter, plump pillows, colorful shams, a bed skirt and a decorative woven furniture was used to layer the bed.

After that, I was excited by the design of the furniture inside the room. All were well finished and no glitches in the fittings. The cot gave the impression that it was from ancient times and spacious.


Another thing that gave an elegant look to the entire room is fixing a sparkling chandelier at the center above the bed which improved the overall effect of the bedroom.

Indoor plants:

Natural materials provide textures that are difficult to recreate. Sometimes there is no substitute for the real thing. I knew this, but I realized its significance after seeing his room.

The plants added more architecture and beauty to the room. I understood that If you’re choosy to choose a plant, you can give a deadly look to your bedroom.

He also used medicinal and flower plants, which gave a nice fragrance all through the night which is good for our health as well. I’m sure that fragrance would stay for the day as well.

Paintings and Carpeting:

To enhance the style he has used chrome hardware, glass knobs for a vintage look. The bedroom had a new feel with canvas painting and rich carpet under the feet.

I felt shy to put my foot over the mattress. Because it was so fascinating and gives me the feeling of princess bedroom. The artwork over the mattress was from Greek culture.

Sometimes you can change the whole decor of your room by just changing the linen. Investing in good-quality white linen can spruce up your bedroom.

The most important and oldest interior-design technique is to have symmetry and balance in the room. It can be achieved through color, two identical lamps, simple pictures above the bed, etc.

He used night lamps, which were conducive to sleep in a night. The light used gave a minimal amount of radiation.

After all bedroom is a place where everyone feels secure and comfortable. It’s a private place inside our home. It’s a place where we can be ourselves.

It is your bedroom, and you can try different ways and choose the best that makes you relax and satisfied. You need not spend extensively. In fact, you can improve your bedroom with as little as £200 if you just follow some of the ideas what I have suggested above.