Things To Know About The Epoxy Flooring

Things To Know About The Epoxy Flooring

The epoxy floors are the major type of flooring which is applied on the tough layer, longer lasting coating known as epoxy. In general the epoxy layer is used to create the cleanest, durable and sparkling flooring. These types of epoxy layer also applied to secure and protect the paint on the floor from the garage oil and also other elements. Moreover, not all the types of floors will hold the epoxy coats.

Things to know

So before applying the epoxy layers on the floors you need to access the first conditions of the concrete, that is, if your floor is producing the moisture or not. If in case the flooring will produce the moisture, then generally it will destroy the epoxy’s ability to bond; since it will not match with the epoxy flooring. If in case your flooring is applied with the sealers of concrete, then you should not apply the epoxy coating. Apart from this, if you have a new slab, then you need wait for at least a month for the flooring to be thoroughly dry before the application of epoxy.

Floor preparing

On the other hand your floorings are applied with the paints, and the best option is to remove the old paint prior to applying any types of epoxy coating. In addition to these things, you also need to consider your garage’s air temperature. When it comes to the optimal epoxy drying, the air temperature should be in between the 60 to 90 degrees and also with the minimum concrete temperature that is 55 degree F. The results of the epoxy flooring is also mainly depends on your pre work and also planning. In general the pre work is associated with the floor cleaning, floor etching, oil spot removal, degreasing, floor vacuuming, rinsing an also scrubbing. COVE-RES is a new technology that people do seem to get onboard with. Here is what the website has to say about the new technology – Seamlessly marry floors to walls with COVE-RES™, a hygienic, easy to clean cove base system that is sag resistant yet easier to apply than many conventional epoxy coving systems.

Things to consider

If in case your floors have cracks, then it is highly advisable that fills the cracks before applying the epoxy flooring of first layer. Then you can apply the second layer of the epoxy coating the day after. One of the vital decisions that you need to make is the epoxy type that you should use. The epoxy coating is strong resin that is available in two different parts.

Usually there are mainly three types of epoxy coats such as solvent based, water based and also the 100 percent solids (almost pure epoxy). These types of epoxy coating are very much beneficial to protect your floors.