5 Easy Garage Door Maintenance Jobs

5 Easy Garage Door Maintenance Jobs

Among all doors that your house has, its garage door is often the biggest and the heaviest one and the one with the most complicated opening and closing mechanism. Keeping your garage door in perfect shape is important because what you store in your garage is a very precious property. To keep your garage door in operable condition, you have to do necessary maintenance jobs to it. Garage door maintenance jobs can always be done without professional help; however, if you think that a professional will do better in maintaining your garage door, you can always call a garage door specialist. Garage door company in Richmond, BC, can dispatch its garage door specialists and servicemen if you need their help.

If you prefer to do the maintenance jobs on your own, especially because most of those jobs are quite easy to do, here is a list of garage door maintenance jobs that you can do single-handedly.

  1. Check the smoothness of its operation.

This is a maintenance job that hardly consumes your time and energy. What you need to do is only hearing and looking at the door whenever you open and close it. If you hear grinding noises or see jerky movement when you operate the door, there must be something wrong with it. Find out what happens to the door and do repair job accordingly. If you can detect the signs of door malfunctioning as early as possible, you may be able to repair it with no trouble.

  1. Check loose components and tighten them.

Your garage door opens and closes thousands times. These frequent movements will cause some of its components to become loose. If that happens, you should tighten those components immediately. The mounting bracket of the door’s tracks is an example of components that may become loose because of frequent use. To find out whether there are loose components, you can check each component individually. Loose components can also be detected if the door doesn’t move smoothly. The grinding noise that you hear can be a sign that there is component that needs tightening.

  1. Lubricate all moving parts of the door.

Most parts of a garage door are moving. To prevent them from wearing out, you should lubricate them regularly. What I mean with regularly is actually only once in a year using high-quality white lithium lubricant. This might be a light maintenance job, but if you don’t do it, expect your door to malfunction soon.

  1. Maintain the door’s balance.

The right and left edges of the door must move simultaneously and on the same level. If there is imbalance in the way they move, the door opener will suffer and your door will be more vulnerable to damages.

  1. Check all electrical parts of the door.

Wires and other electrical parts of the door are parts that you have to maintain properly. Make sure that all cables are in perfect condition and that neither mice nor exposure damage them. Failure to check the condition of those parts may cause the opener to malfunction.