11 Effective and Easy to Follow Tips to Protect You and Your Family

Protect You and Your Family

There are some very easy and relatively cheap ways to increase the level of protection of your home. These strategies include:

1. Talk out to deter. Show the intruder that your home is protected. This will force the aggressor to choose a “job” less complicated.

2. Delay. If an attacker wants to break in, he will do it. The idea is to delay the time he needs to break in your home where you and your family are. Time is on your side. It will always be easier for a relative or neighbor to see that something is wrong and call the police.

3. Install an alarm system. You can find a sophisticated system that can be connected online with a home security company. Remember to periodically check for proper operation.

4. Secure windows. They should be protected with bars or with a simple anti-breaking system. Take special care if you have sliding windows. They are particularly vulnerable.

5. Door reinforcement. Secure your front door with a door security hardware. One of the best on the market is reviewed here here: www.securingdoors.com.

6. The garage door. It is one of the most “comfortable” access points to your home. The garage door must have the same level of security as the main entry door. Another important tip is to always wait for the door to close before leaving the car.

7. Install an armored door in the house. The idea is to create a safe zone, a “panic room”. For example, if you have a two-story house and the bedrooms are on the second, put this security door at the end of the stairs. As in any “panic room”, try to have everything you might need in case of the attack: first aid kit, fire extinguisher, some kind of weapon, etc.

8. Install a video intercom system. You should see everything that is near the door before opening it.

9. Automatic lighting. Install a light system for motion detection. It is common that intruders lurk and analyze houses. These systems illuminate an area when motion is detected.

10. Watch out for the marks. Some thieves make a mark on the outside of a house they intend to attack. If a family member or a neighbor sees something similar to a mark, you should remove it immediately.

11. Your neighbors. They should know your phone number and have some knowledge about your family and your customs. They should be confident enough to call you on the phone in the middle of the night if they see something strange in your home.