Gurgaon Residential Real Estate is in Demand Again!

The city of Gurgaon has been known to be one of the hardest hit cities during the recession of the property business across the country. The city has been one of the foremost hubs of residential properties for more than two decades and therefore the lack of sales in the city had puzzled a lot of builders initially. However the city did exhibit immense potential nevertheless because of its vicinity to not one but two proposed smart cities. Additionally, new infrastructure development has led to a rise in demand and sales of properties in new areas of Gurgaon. However there remained other areas where the demand remained diminished for the past few years. Now that demand has re-emerged in the year 2015. The real estate of the city seems to be back in demand as there is a new demand for property in Gurgaon.

The re-emergence of Gurgaon and future potential

The city of Gurgaon has emerged again from the throes of slow sales. In fact the new project launches in the city clearly show that the new demand would be more promising and robust. After many years, the city received one of the biggest luxury residential projects from Tata Housing a few months back. This new project is offering large homes which are considered to be amongst the best in the country. With the availability of such houses in the city now, Gurgaon has had a great start. This also is a clear indicator in the change of market trend. Earlier the city was a sellers’ market where the local building majors had a big say. However the recession has taught the builders that the consumer demands are more important and hence there is a renewed focus on the needs of the consumers.

As a result, the city is not only witnessing a rise in development of luxury properties but also affordable housing. The central government had also relaxed the norms of FDI investment in November 2015. The collaborations emerging out of this would see fruition by mid to end of 2015. When finally these collaborations are complete, Gurgaon is expected to witness a new wave of

Residential development that would be of world class standards. Therefore anyone who is interested in investing in new projects in Gurgaon, now seems to be the best time to do so. Another reason why a prospective buyer should opt for houses in the city is because the builders even now are focussing on clearing inventory and hence are not raising prices. It is expected that the prices would not increase for a few more months. This would also allow a property seeker to have a good bargain. Once the foreign collaborations are complete or the real estate bill is introduced, the property prices will rise in the medium term.

To Conclude- Searching for a Dream House in Gurgaon

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