An overview of vinyl window replacement

There are many parts of a window: glass insulating system, frame, seal system, and some other components like rollers, cam locks, etc. But talking about the efficiency of the window replacement, always think of the quality of your purchase and especially glass. There are many different factors which can affect the energy efficiency and performance of a window unit. This article will try to explain basic information about the main elements that make your vinyl window replacement perfect.

So the question is – how to choose a good replacement window? Here are some simple and useful steps to make when choosing a good window and company to do it.

  • Think of the energy efficiency of the window replacement;
  • Find a good and reputable vinyl window replacement company.

So here are the main features of the high-quality vinyl replacement windows:


Vinyl frames add extra insulating value to the regular frame which surrounds the glass increasing the windows performance in future. A good quality vinyl window replacement will have fusion welded corners. Welders have different cost depending on the quality; you can find them for a couple hundred dollars up to a million dollars and even more.

Low-E Glass

Low-E stands for low-emittance. The coatings at low-e type are microscopically thin, and in fact, invisible for a human’s eye, they reduce the U-factor by stopping radiative heat flow. Coating a glass of your vinyl window surface with the help of low-emittance material and putting that coating between the layers of the glass will block a huge amount of the radiant heat transfer, and by this means lower the total heat flow through your window.

Gas Fills

Usually in the spaces of double paned windows there is a special type of gas, which fills the vinyl window unit and thereby improves the overall thermal performance.

Edge Spacers

Most energy efficient vinyl window replacement employs super spacers which have warm edge technology. This means that these spacers refer to material which is used to keep apart two panes of glass and at the same time provide an air tight seal. Such super spacers will keep you vinyl window warmer around the edges where some condensation often occurs.

The best vinyl windows in Atlanta usually use less conductive materials like foam and rubber. Sometimes companies employ a special double sealing technique so here the foam seal is used to provide very high insulating value. A secondary polymer or rubber sealant is often applied over. It prevents seals from breaking and gas escaping. The U-value of a vinyl window replacement can be improved by 10% if using warm edge spacers; moreover, it boosts the edge temperature, so reduces condensation.

Multiple Window Panes

It is an often asked question: why multiple vinyl window panes are better than single panes. Usually experts from Atlanta say that multiple window panes always increase energy efficiency of any window because the heat flow is resisted.

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